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Health Care Reform “Patient’s Bill of Rights”

Health Care Reform Bill that the Republicans want to repeal is not good for the American People. Sure it may not be perfect, but can you show me anything in government that is perfect? The Patient’s Bill of Rights is out now and you will be able to see for yourself that it is good for the American People just like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Fire Department, Police Department and the Armies and more.
The Republicans say that we cannot afford this but the reality is that we cannot afford not the Republican way anymore. They have had the time and resources to do something about Health Care and did nothing. Doing nothing is why President Obama is President today; make change to the way Washington works or the way it did not work.
The Patient’s Bill of Rights is just a start of a good thing for Americans and its part of that change that the Insurance Companies and the Republicans, bring financed by the Insurance Companies, were and still fighting. The Insurance Companies don’t want it because it will cut into their profits of billions of dollars and the Republicans are fighting it because it is bringing in millions of dollars to their campaign if they stick with Insurance Companies policies. This is flat out wrong.
Come in November you will have to make a choice of siding with big insurance companies and vote for repealing good Patient’s Bill of Rights or you can vote Democrats or Independent and keep the new laws into effect. This is not a hard choice giving the past experiences of the Republican Party of screwing the American People each and every way they can. All the Republicans want is Power. Power comes when you do the right thing for the American People and not for big Insurance Companies, big Bank, big Oil Companies and so. I believe you get the picture. Not doing the right thing is why the Republicans are out of power in the first place because the Republican Party totally thinks that the American People are just plain stupid.
The American People are not stupid and putting President Obama as our President is proof of that. The American People want real change period and they know that Republicans, big Oil Companies, big Banks and more are going to do everything they can to disrupt President Obama’s Agenda because it will take part of their billion dollar profit away from them.

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President Obama Slams Republicans


What is in the hell is wrong with the Republicans?  They just keep trying to destroy our country and they just don’t care about the American People.  How can anyone ever put another Republican back in office after their failed leadership and the destruction of our economy?  I do not ever want to go back to what have happened during Bush and his Gang years. 
President Obama Slams Republicans with good cause.  This time they have disrupted the money that over 7 million people need to live on because of the “Failed Republicans Policies”.  One thing for sure the Republicans are keeping to their agenda “Make Obama Fail” and they don’t care who they hurt and what lies they have to tell during the process.  The Democrats are not perfect but they sure in the hell are not destroying this country or the people.  President Obama has done nothing but good for this country and the Republicans have done nothing but destroy our country and the people.  Time to get President Obama the tools he needs to fix our country, get rid of the Republicans in November and replace them with Democrats or Independents, but No Republicans.
President Osama Slams the Republicans

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E-Mail I sent to the City of Miami Mayor

Tomas Regalado

Below is an article that I was reading from the Miami Herald written by Charles Rabin about City of Miami hiring an Attorney Firm to represent the City of Miami for what?  Then it says that the city should hire a forensic accountant for what?  What did the City of Miami Officials do for the tax payer’s money to bail them out?  Was the City Officials that corrupt and if so then let them get what they deserve and not use our money to protect any Publically Elected Official or any city hired employees.

I think that you should reconsider the rates at which the city is pay for the attorneys here.  There are a lot of law firms lying off attorneys and the prices should not be $400 per hour but around $100 per hour at today’s rate.  This is especially true since it is tax payer’s money in the first place.  In fact tax payer’s money should not be used unless we get our money back from the people that caused this mess in the first place.  I am strongly against using any tax payer’s money defending what should have never happened in the first place.  Things that should not happen in the first place is something that the city officials do not understand or even consider which is very, very wrong.

If there is any money tax payer’s money used here, I will give the City of Miami a bill for the inexcusable actions from 2004 through 2010 of the city employees and city elected officials that caused me to get evicted, cost me my credit rating, moving expenses, damages for lost equipment a $150 more per month in additional expenses that I endure each and every month. 

The damages for the credit rating should be no less than a million dollars and then I have $20,000 in damages for equipment lost, plus $600 dollars for the Security Deposit plus $300 for court expenses plus $150 per month for each month after October 2007 up till now and each and every month after until I move from where I live now and my time for two and half years.  Still today City of Miami have not done their job to protect tenants from bad landlords by doing legal inspections of apartment buildings in the City of Miami which are required by the Florida laws and the City Charter.  The very same apartment building that I lived in 2006 and 2007 could not pass a legal inspection so that means that all of my complaints for the past two and half years or more have gone unanswered and unattended which is also against the City Charter and the Florida State laws that the City Commissioner are to make sure that all laws and city ordinances they are enforced.

As you know Tomas, I am very disgusted with the way the City of Miami, the Commissioners and the City Employees has treated me and the rest of the tenants here in Miami over the past few years and if the City has the money to give to attorneys to protect themselves from mismanagement or corrupted actions taken by them, then they can flat out pay me the money that I lost because of their lack of leadership and support as required by Florida Statutes and the City Charter.

Thank You for your time Tomas.

Ronald Norman

Law firm hired to aid Miami in federal probe

Miami has hired the international law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius to represent it during a probe by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Bad Idea for the Homeless and the City

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Meeting with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro

Sunday, December 28, 2008

An update on my meeting with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro.  My first meeting was back in September. 2008 and I gave him 65 pages of documents and over 100 pictures showing where the Building Code Inspectors were not doing their job.  He told me that he was going to look into the situlation.  Two months later I had set up another meeting with him again because I have not heard from him.  I asked him what was going on and why I didnot get any response back.  He told me that he was going to write a letter to the governor because he didnot know exactly know what to do.  Two weeks after this meeting I heard nothing again so I called his office and asked him to call me.  This call and ten more calls were never returned. 

Do we really need this type of a person as a County Commissioner?  I don’t think so.  We have enough people in government that don’t do anything.  With the commissioners no doing their job hurts everyone.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I had a meeting with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro this morning about city, county and state government agencies not doing their job.  I had showed him pictures of the building that I was living until I got evicted for asking the landlord to get rid of the bugs and to stop making the building a matchbox.  I was not evicted because of not paying the rent.  The landlord always got his rent money, but I was paying two hundred dollars more for this apartment and it was to be better and was not. 

I gave the commissioner a 74 page report on what had happened to me and the bottom line was that if the government agencies would have done their job in the first place I would not have ever had a problem with the landlord.

Florida Statute Chapter 509 totally specifically states that the government agencies such as the Building Code Enforcement and other agencies are to inspect every apartment building in the State of Florida at least once a year and this is not done.  Why? 

I also asked him why the inspectors have not been inspecting the sidewalks and why the Planning and Zoning designed sidewalks with pipes, telephone poles, benches, signs, trees, and other stuff in the middle of the sidewalks? 

I told him that I had moved by the train station and there was a sign that was laying down and that the base of the sign was sticking up out of the sidewalk about ten inches and they came by and painted it so you could see the pipe sticking up.  The sign was maybe fifteen feet away lying on the ground and all it needed was two bolts and put back in place.  The good news is that they did fix this problem after the sign laid there for almost a year.  I told him that the security guards, police, maintenance people are to report this and wanted to know why it took almost a year to replace two bolts.

We also talked about the raising the fares on the trains and buses.  I told him that raising the prices was uncalled for mainly because the money was mishandled and the poor should not have to pay for their mistakes.  Commissioner Bruno Barreiro told me that he voted no to raising the fare.  This is a good sign.

The Commissioner told me that he would get back with me about this. I am sure that there is more that we talked about but right now I cannot think of it.  Come back later and lets see what will happen.

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Joe Sanchez for Mayor – I think “NOT”

December 15, 2008
Joe Sanchez for Mayor – I think “NOT”
I was reading an article stating that City of Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez was thinking about running for Mayor  for the City of Miami replacing Mayor Manny Diaz at the end of his term in 2009.  The question is, “Is Joe Sanchez ready to become Mayor?”, and I think not.  I will explain.
Last year I was having problems with my old landlord not exterminating the apartment building that I was living in.  We had rats, mice, and bug by the millions that he would not do anything about.  The landlord was patching everything together and making the wood building a matchbox.  He would hire unqualified people to work on the building and was doing major repairs with any permits.  What he was doing was turning this building into a fire hazard by using the cheapest materials and cheapest men to do the work.  Give you an example. The help wired the receptacles wrong and use the wrong lights.  He installed used lights that were not certified by the building code according to one of the Electrical Inspectors.  He used contact paper to replace a kitchen counter top.  He had a person living in the apartment building that worked for him that had no running water, no working electric, the ceilings were falling down, the floor was caving in, window broken out and more. 
As time went on, I started to research the laws and the inspections of the buildings and found out that all of the apartment buildings are to be inspected every year.  This is mandatory according to the Florida Statute “Title XXXIII, Chapter 509 – Public Lodging and Public Food Service – Part I – 509.032 – Duties”
If you clicked on the link above and read it, you can clearly see, Florida Statute 509.032 Section 2 clearly states that all apartment buildings in the State of Florida are required to be inspected in the State of Florida, not just a few. These apartment buildings are not being inspected as required by law.  My apartment building would have never passed an inspection if one would have been given and none were given in over four years.  My question was “Why Not?”.  If these inspections would have been given, then I would not have had a problem with the rats and bugs.  Also keep in mind that during my investigations that I had talked to other people that have rented from the same landlord that complaints were made before mine and nothing was ever done to correct those complaints either. 
During the time that I had complained to the landlord about the bugs and rats and the time that he did absolutely nothing was over six months.  I had called every government department and had called the Mayor of City of Miami, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Commissioners, Building Department, Department of Heath, and some that I cannot think of at this moment without any call backs.  Some of the people that I had call and did call me back told me who to call and those people really did not want to help.  After getting a hold of the Fire Department was the best thing that happened and then things started to happen along with me pushing the Electrical Department, Structural Department, Code Department and others but it was already too late for me.  From the time that I made my first call it took almost four months and a lot of calls to get these people off of their dead butts to do anything.  This is not right and should not be tolerated at all. 
To keep this from happening to anyone else I have decided to contact the people that are suppose to make sure that the laws are followed and that the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County  and State of Florida officials are aware of the problem and to do something about it.  The problem that I am having is that I have contacted City of Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez and set up an appointment to see Joe Sanchez on October 8, 2008 about my complaint.   When I got there, Joe Sanchez was a no show and I ended up explaining my problem to his assistance, Teresa Zorrilla and Mario Beovides.  The next day I received a letter from Joe Sanchez stating that I should be assured that my complaint was being forwarded to the appropriate entity, in order to serve my complaint and concerns in a timely manner.   The letter also states that I should not hesitate to contact his office with any questions or concerns. 
After more than two weeks I have not heard anything from anyone so I wrote a letter asking about what was going on with my complaint or was it getting shoved under the rug like everything else with the government agencies?   I did not hear from him at all so I called and asked for Joe Sanchez and they told me that someone would call me.  A few days later I called back and asked why no one returned my call and left another message and again was promised that someone would call me back.  This has been going on and Joe Sanchez or anyone in his office has not ever called me backed after many promises.
Title X – Public Officers, Employees, and Records – Chapter 112 – Part III – Section 112.311 – Public Officers and Employees: General Provisions – Section 6 – states “It is declared to be the policy of the state that public officers and employees, state and local, are agents of the people and hold their positions for the benefit of the public. They are bound to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State Constitution and to perform efficiently and faithfully their duties under the laws of the federal, state, and local governments. Such officers and employees are bound to observe, in their official acts, the highest standards of ethics consistent with this code and the advisory opinions rendered with respect hereto regardless of personal considerations, recognizing that promoting the public interest and maintaining the respect of the people in their government must be of foremost concern”. 
I do not believe not returning their phone calls is “recognizing that promoting the public interest and maintaining the respect of the people in their government must be of foremost concern”. 
The root of my problem would not have ever become a problem if the apartment building were inspected as required by law.  These apartment builds would have been inspected if the City Commissioner were doing their job in the first place by making sure that the Building Department was doing their job as required by law.  The people in charge promise to make changes when trying to get elected and then do nothing after the fact.  They let the same people do nothing and are afraid to say something because it might cost him/her the next election.  The head of the Building Department should be thrown out and replaced with someone who will get the job done, but Commissioners like Joe Sanchez send a letter to make me feel good and then forgets to push the issue because what reason I don’t know and this is not right.   Is by forgetting, not responding or hoping that I will forget about it good for the public interest?  I think not.  Is it a cover-up and they are hoping that I will again forget about it or just drop it because of the time involved to push the issue.  Or is it a friend of theirs and don’t want to do anything.  
Whatever the reason, should Joe Sanchez become the Mayor of the City of Miami?  Joe Sanchez should become Miami City Mayor:

  • If you are looking for a person that makes you think that he/she is helping you, then Joe Sanchez is your man for Mayor.
  • If you are looking for someone that has no control over his/her staff, then Joe Sanchez is your man for Mayor.
  • If you are looking for a person that will not return his/her phone calls, then Joe Sanchez is your man for Mayor.
  • If you are looking for a person that make appointments and then don’t show, then Joe Sanchez is your man for Mayor.
  • If you are looking for a person that protects the people from within the city from corruption or mis-behavior, then Joe Sanchez is your man for Mayor.
  • If you want a person that gets you frustrated by not returning calls, then Joe Sanchez is your man for Mayor.

There are already too many Joe Sanchez’s in office today and this type of behavior has got to change, so if Joe Sanchez does run for Mayor when Manny Diaz’s term is up, Should Joe Sanchez be Mayor? – I think NOT.

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Off Shore Oil Drilling

Commended on Thursday, June 19, 2008

As I was reading an article about oil drilling off shore off of Florida and I think Marco Rubio is right in this situation.  It will take ten years to produce and that is not going to help very much, besides it will destroy the Florida environment in which the Florida economy is surviving on.  If you destroy the environment, then you are destroying the Florida tourist trade which is the whole Florida economy.   Even if you do the oil drilling it will not even affect the price of gas.  The cost of new construction and other variables will come in place and the price of gas will be just as high and to recoup the cost of construction the price will stay the same.

Last week Japan has introduced a car that runs on water, any kind of water.  We should be investing in that kind of technology instead of wasting our time and money on drilling off the coast of Florida.  There are cars that run on corn and old cooking oil and such and if you are so much worried about gas prices you should buy one of those.  There are also cars that get over 1200 MPG (That’s right over 1200 MPG) and have had them for years.  They may not look like the cars of today, but they get very good gas mileage.  My dad back in the 60s put a car together that got over 70 MPG back then.  There are carburetors that get greater mileage than the cars today are required to get but the oil companies bought them all up. 

If GW Bush supports the idea of drilling of the coastline, then that should automatically bring up a red flag saying that it is wrong to drill off of the coast.  Look at his record, lying to the American people about the war, breaking the United States Constitution, making the United States the most hated country in the world, has the worst intelligence in the world, has secret prisons, have prisoners on ships so the people can not get a fair trial which is illegal and that is stated by the United States Constitution and the United States Supreme Court , lying to the Red Cross, lying to congress about E-Mails, destroyed E-Mails and come up with missing E-Mails, lying to the United States Congress (which is a crime in itself), weakling the United States Constitution and our governing laws, giving out orders to just kill people (which is another  crime), no matter what they have done, and take our country into a war that should not have eve been in and not catch the real person that started this war.  Is OBL working for GW Bush and is that the reason that he has never caught him?  I wonder!!!  After all of GW Bush friends are from the oil companies and gas price shot up so fast in the last 7 some years. 

Then you have to ask yourself how many times has the people complained about the gas prices and the government has started research on how the prices got to where they are and now they want another study instead of doing something about it.  There are studies that have been paid for and they want to spend more money which there is none according to the schools, homeless people, and home foreclosures which need help vey badly.  After years of study and nothing is done, Why? 

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Hello world!

Welcome to Miami Complaints.  Miami Complaints is about the way the City, County, State, and Federal agencies or your representatives work or don’t work.  We have the up-to-date news from different points of view from around the state and the country.  We hope that you will join us and help make the United States a better place to live.  Your view counts only if you participate and be counted.  If you do nothing, then you will have more of what has happened over the past 200 years.  It is way past due for change.