Posted by: miamicomplaints | June 20, 2010

President Obama Slams Republicans


What is in the hell is wrong with the Republicans?  They just keep trying to destroy our country and they just don’t care about the American People.  How can anyone ever put another Republican back in office after their failed leadership and the destruction of our economy?  I do not ever want to go back to what have happened during Bush and his Gang years. 
President Obama Slams Republicans with good cause.  This time they have disrupted the money that over 7 million people need to live on because of the “Failed Republicans Policies”.  One thing for sure the Republicans are keeping to their agenda “Make Obama Fail” and they don’t care who they hurt and what lies they have to tell during the process.  The Democrats are not perfect but they sure in the hell are not destroying this country or the people.  President Obama has done nothing but good for this country and the Republicans have done nothing but destroy our country and the people.  Time to get President Obama the tools he needs to fix our country, get rid of the Republicans in November and replace them with Democrats or Independents, but No Republicans.
President Osama Slams the Republicans

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  1. I agree, Republicans suck really bad. The reason they keep on getting votes it that they have more money for one and secondly they have a monopoly of the vote of a lot of ultra-Christian and conservative people.

    If you notice though, the two parties just pass the country back and forth like we’re some sort of loose women to get bored of. The problem is not just Republicans, its that the system is broken, party lines are more important than the public(even among Democrats although by definition they’re smarter and more tolerant), and people are too busy politickin’, raising funds through special interest groups mostly corporations and the like.

    We should vote in a third party if we want progress. Democrats won’t completely work either. Better yet, we need to stop playing partisan politics and get shit done.

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