Posted by: miamicomplaints | July 9, 2010

Health Care Reform “Patient’s Bill of Rights”

Health Care Reform Bill that the Republicans want to repeal is not good for the American People. Sure it may not be perfect, but can you show me anything in government that is perfect? The Patient’s Bill of Rights is out now and you will be able to see for yourself that it is good for the American People just like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Fire Department, Police Department and the Armies and more.
The Republicans say that we cannot afford this but the reality is that we cannot afford not the Republican way anymore. They have had the time and resources to do something about Health Care and did nothing. Doing nothing is why President Obama is President today; make change to the way Washington works or the way it did not work.
The Patient’s Bill of Rights is just a start of a good thing for Americans and its part of that change that the Insurance Companies and the Republicans, bring financed by the Insurance Companies, were and still fighting. The Insurance Companies don’t want it because it will cut into their profits of billions of dollars and the Republicans are fighting it because it is bringing in millions of dollars to their campaign if they stick with Insurance Companies policies. This is flat out wrong.
Come in November you will have to make a choice of siding with big insurance companies and vote for repealing good Patient’s Bill of Rights or you can vote Democrats or Independent and keep the new laws into effect. This is not a hard choice giving the past experiences of the Republican Party of screwing the American People each and every way they can. All the Republicans want is Power. Power comes when you do the right thing for the American People and not for big Insurance Companies, big Bank, big Oil Companies and so. I believe you get the picture. Not doing the right thing is why the Republicans are out of power in the first place because the Republican Party totally thinks that the American People are just plain stupid.
The American People are not stupid and putting President Obama as our President is proof of that. The American People want real change period and they know that Republicans, big Oil Companies, big Banks and more are going to do everything they can to disrupt President Obama’s Agenda because it will take part of their billion dollar profit away from them.



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