Miami Complaints was started because of very bad landlord and government inspectors that did not do their job.

I found out that the State of Florida was to inspect all apartment buildings each and every year. These inspections are to be mandatory according to Florida Statute Chapter 509.032 and the Division of Hotels and Restaurants of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation did not know that they were to do the inspection until I sent them the law.

I had so many problems and still having problems getting any public government officials to get the people to do their job. It all has to with corruption which Florida is number six at in the nation.

I hope that people will read this blog and learn to put these type of people out of office period.



  1. Hi
    This is a quick question, a friend of mine is living in a south beach hotel on a month to month basis, the landlord all of sudden doubled the rent, didn’t give the 15 day notice only notice that he was doubling rent from $1200.00 to $2500 . My question is can he legally do that? Can he do that even if my friend complained to the local code office about various code violations? I know hotels are different but are they not held to some form of accountability under the Florida Statutes specifically chapter 83 FSA ?

    • Hi Joe
      Unfortunately I am not able to answer your question on the laws about Hotels. My best to find the answers you need is to call an Attorney right away. You may get some answers at Legal Services of Greater Miami. They most likely won’t be able to help but they will help answer you questions. You can Walk-In Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or you can call from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. On Friday they only takes calls from 9:00am to 12:00 and from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

      Their number is 305-576-0080 and their address is 3000 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 500, Miami, Florida 33137

      Good luck with it.
      Miami Complaints

  2. Hi,
    I am a tenant renting a bedroom in a single-family house. A section of my contract specifies:
    “Landlord shall be responsible for compliance with section 83.51, Florida Statutes, and shall be responsible for maintenance and repair of the premises, unless otherwise stated below: (fill in each blank space with ‘Landlord’ for Landlord or ‘Tenant’ for Tenant; if left blank, Landlord will be responsible for the item.)”
    Then a list of items follows, which includes “extermination of rats, mice, roaches, ants and bedbugs”, where space is blank, indicating that is a Landlord responsibility.
    My question is: I read that section 83.51, which includes instructions on premises maintenance, does NOT apply to single-family houses, like the one I’m renting. But, given the fact that a part from the section reference there is a printed list of items, including exterminations, is the Landlord obligated to provide a Pest control service, if I ask for it?
    Many thanks.

    • The laws are written so that no one really understands them on purpose. As you can see in the news, videos of cops shooting people in the back with their hands handcuff and they are not charged with a crime. The Landlord/Tenants Laws are enforced just about the same way. When going to court you do not know if the judge is going to follow the laws or their donors. Reading the Florida Statutes does not mean that the judge is going to rule the way you read the law.

      This is why you need to think very hard about what you do in your case because you are renting a room and they can ask you to move and you may not have a place to go. That decision sometimes may be the best in the long run anyway.

      The laws are different for Family Homes so your best best is to contact Legal Services of Greater Miami at 3000 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 500, Miami, Florida 33137, 305-576-0080. They should be able to help answer your questions at no charge. They do have certain rules and cannot help all.

      Make sure that you ask your Local Representative to have the Landlord/Tenant laws changed to work for all the people and not just landlords. They will most likely tell you that they do not make the laws, which is true on a city or county level, but you need them to push your State Representative to make Landlord/Tenant Laws changes. This is very important because there needs to be many complaints for them to do anything.

      You can find your representatives at VoteSmart.org

      If you have any more question please contact me. Also please give me the results of your problems so I can use them to help make changes to Landlord/Tenants Laws so this or other problems can be resolved before you have them in the first place.

      Thank You
      Ronald Norman

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